Charcoal Round Up

Charcoal Roundup

While seasoning my grill grates I was curious how hot an environment they had to live in.  Since I use lump hardwood charcoal exclusively (for the high intense heat), I feared that the seasoning on the grates might not hold up.

Additionally, I have always wanted to compare different charcoal types for their temperature profile.  How long will a given type of charcoal last?  How hot does it really get?  The intent is to use a given amount of charcoal, light it and measure the heat output then compare the results.

The method:

  • 41.5 ounces of charcoal (2.5 pounds or so).  
  • Started in a webber charcoal chimney for 20 minutes with two sheets of newspaper
  • Coals were placed on one side of a large grill
  • Measurements were taken at the following places:  9 inches above the coals (direct heat side), the ambient inside temperature of the grill 2 feet from the coals (indirect heat side) and ambient outside air air temperature.
  • Measurements were recorded with a DT304 until, recording once a minute
  • The lid was closed
  • When the coals ceased to maintain at least 20 degrees Fahrenheit above outside air temp, the timer was stopped

The items looked for include:

  • Maximum Direct Heat Temperature
  • Time to Maximum Direct Heat with Starter Time
  • Maximum Indirect Heat Temperature
  • Maximum Heat over Ambient Air Temperature
  • Duration of Heat to 20 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient
  • Duration of Heat to 100 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient
  • Duration of Heat to Keep Indirect Side of Grill Above Danger Zone (140 degrees)
  • Cost per hour of cooking above 140 degrees

Here are the results for those tested so far:Kroger Brand Lump Hardwood Charcoal (rumored to be store branded Royal Oak Lump) Kingsford MesquiteTesting of others in progress…

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