Dust Collection on Dewalt Saw

I needed a way to improve the dust collection on my Dewalt sliding miter saw. It is the saw used in the miter saw station build. My problem was that in order to mount the saw with some room left on the bench, the build in dust collection had to be removed.

I started by designing a prototype in SketchUp. The first prototype worked well, but could be improved by using more of the 4″ dust collection system. I redesigned it to use two 2.5″ ports, split off of the 4″ line.

This prototype worked fantastic, but kept the saw from turning to 45 degrees. Back to the drawing board!

The final prototype was done in Fusion360 and moved the 2.5″ dust ports forward and added better wings to catch as much of the sawdust as possible.

It works well. I printed the final out of PETG, using stronger settings than normal, resulting in a 28 hour print time.

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  1. Hi, Jervin. I can’t wait to try this on my DeWalt saw as well. Elegant. *(and the dust collection is a mess). Do you by chance have an STL for the second piece as well (the two small ports to the 4″ port)? Thanks.

    1. Thanks. It works great for 6″ or less. This past week while cutting some 10″ boards, I noticed that it was not working as well as I would like. I am going to make a few tweaks that may include a “traveling hose” that flows from the device out with the sliding arm.

        1. Of the finished item? I don’t have any other than those on this page, but if there is a feature you are trying to follow I can take one and send it to you.

      1. Hello Jervin, I have the same Dewalt saw and will have a company print the shroud for me. Very nice design, thank you! Is the V9.stl the latest with the “traveling hose” design to work better for 10″ boards? If not, have you designed that version yet? Thank you

        1. The one linked is the latest and last…it is the one I use in various videos you can find. As to the traveling hose, I have taken two passes at something, but so far nothing works as well as the one shown here.

          1. Okay, thank you for the response. I am going to have one made using PETG but the most they will infill is 80% and not 100%. Do you think 80% infill will be enough?

          2. Even 80% is overkill. I make mine out of PETG and think I use less than 40%. Infill in the “bottom” of the print that becomes the “top” of the part helps as you have to cut through it with the “first cut” and it can chip etc. Don’t be alarmed when the cut makes a ragged edge in the PETG.

  2. Looks awesome! Really like it. Makes me wish I had 3D printer.
    Do you sell them? If so how much?

    1. Alas, I do not. It is a big part, takes 18 hours to print and is generally a pain in the but. It is not as effective for wider boards, but I am working on a tweaked design that should make that better.

  3. Looks good. If you come up with another prototype please do a video. I just purchased this saw last weekend so it will be replacing a 16 year old Makita 1013L with no dust collection capabilities at all. I guess I am with the others, need to find someone with a 3d Printer. I can live with some dust from 10″ boards if it works great for 6″ or less.

  4. This is amazing, James. Very solid work. Working with a friend to get one printed. I’ll let you know how it works!

    1. I am more and more happy with it, especially after getting my dust collection system working better (had an old felt bag and vented it outside which doubled the volume it moved).

  5. HI Jervin,

    I have a prussa Mk3 and the footprint can’t accommodate the full print. Is it possible to get your help and splitting this 3d object?

  6. I have a friend who is going to try to replicate tis in aluminum. Thoughts? I don’t have a CAD or the software that opens your downloads. Any chance of getting the dimensions of your final version?

    1. The file is just an STL, a standard shape file. If your friend had CNC capability, he will be able to open it. I suggest you see if he can open it, but I can give you any dimension you seek.

  7. Hi there, thanks for the video. It’s a fantastic idea. I had one built and looked to be doing well. I made the 0 and 22.5 degree cuts, but when I tried the 45 degree cuts the top de-laminated. I’ll have a another built but with 100% fill. Hopefully that’s gonna work out better. Have you had any such experiences or do you not use the shroud for 22.5 degree cuts?

    1. Good morning. I am on my second one and do generally only 90 degree and an occasional 45 degree cut. A lot depends on how you slice it (the process of preparing it for print). My “final” is made of PTEG and uses four layers for faces (so the top has 8 total) and I use a heavy infill as you have suggested so that after the cuts are made, there is still some strength. In one test unit a pie wedge eventually came out of the unit, but it did not seem to alter its function.

  8. Would you consider selling these parts. I don’t have a way to print them but could really use them.

    1. There are lots of places that can print the part. I only have one very old printer and it is a 24 hour print job.

        1. That should be plenty big enough. The printer I printed mine on was only about 12″ X 12″. You do have to position it at an angle (diagonally on the build plate).

        1. It is 311mm wide, 114mm deep and 94mm tall. I print it on 300×300 printer positioned diagonally on the build plate.

  9. Fabulous design! I’ve printed one but I can’t figure out how to best secure it to the saw. Are you using glue or a mechanical fastening solution? Any tips would be appreciated.

  10. I’m about ready to get a new miter saw, and had settled on the Hercules brand from Harbor freight. It’s a lot less money than the Dewalt. What was the radius of the Dewalt saw that you measured? I have friends who can 3-D print for me, but I want to make sure that your file will fit my saw.

  11. Hello – I really like your dust collection mod for the Dewalt miter saw. I would love to print one but my ender 3 is too small to print the entire thing, I might be able to print it if I could cut the outlets off. I tried to download the fusion 3d model but I could not get Fusion 360 to read it. IS there a file you could email me that would open in Fusion 360? Thanks in advance. – Mike

    1. I just printed it on an Ender 3. I rotated it vertically and set the z axis to – 50% of the total height. This allowed me to print half of it, then I rotated it 180 degrees to print the other half. You are left with 2 very good faces to glue the 2 halves together.

      1. Perfect. I have been advising folks that their slicer program of choice could easily split it. I hope it works for you.

  12. Hello currently getting one made just curious if I’ll be able to hook up to my shop vac? Awesome design any advice will be appreciated.

    1. I have run mine on a 2.5″ hose from a shop vac. You will just need a “Y” fitting to split the hose coming off of the vacuum.

  13. Do you have the second file in an stl? My Father-in-law wants me to print this for him but I can’t upload the second file. Thanks.

    1. There are two files, an STL and a Fusion 360 file. I think the STL is in inches, but Sketchup exports them strange at times.

  14. I know nothing about 3D printing but am trying to get a quote for printing this.
    One of the questions I’m being asked is for the units of measurement: mm, cm or inches.
    I also want to make sure that I’m only asking for a quote on printing the collection unit, and not the splitter.
    You have two different files – do I use the v9?
    Thank you so much, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  15. Well, the estimate was $340! I’m going to try to fabricate something similar from a rubber dog bowl.

    1. That is stunning. It takes my machine 26 hours to print it and 1/2 spool of filament. I could see it being $60, but wow.

      1. First thanks for the design. I am debating splitting and printing it on my printer or just having a shop do it. Quotes on cloudcraft to have it printed range from ~$40 with shipping for PLA with 100% infill to around $100 for ABS or $150 for PETG all with 100% infill. 80% was a marginally less expensive.

        1. Hello Matthew, Do you have the link to cloudcraft for printing? I am interested in the ABS 100% infill and the only company I can find so far charges nearly 4 times that! Thank you

  16. I have a double compound Dewalt 706. I do not have a printer to make this. Would you be interested in making one for me and if so what would it cost?

    1. I don’t have the capacity to print them commercially. I have one very very old 3D printer. I am building a new printer, so that may change.

  17. hey where can I buy one of these I own a dewalt compound bevel miter saw and need this alot because the dust in crazy thanks

  18. can you post the STL file for the 2 1/2″ x 4″ hose adapter (the one you show on the vide) on your site please???

  19. Thanks for the excellent video and digital files.

    I’ve just started to make this, but had a question regarding the dust port diameter in the fusion file. In Fusion 360 they’re measuring 2.25″, so are they undersized for a 2.5″ hose? Or is my scale off somehow? Thanks!

    1. It has been a while since I did the design, but I think I used 2.25 as that is a good fit for the internal diameter of standard 2.5″ hose.

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